VETAPHONE – Corona and Plasma Surface Treatment adapted to Your Needs

A lot has changed in the flexible packaging industry since VETAPHONE invented Corona Treatment 60 years ago. The demand for cost effective, high quality films is greater than ever and Vetaphone are committed to continuously developing new solutions that enables our customers to maintain their competitive edge.

Corona and Plasma Surface Treatment adapted to Your Needs
Corona and Plasma Surface Treatment adapted to Your Needs

Vetaphone has an extensive portfolio of solutions for any type of application in the web processing industry allowing us to Corona treat, Plasma treat, Nano Coat and Graft surfaces from 100mm to over 9 meters at various production speeds in both single- and double sided. Thanks to the versatility of our product range we are able to provide a system for every need.

In addition to our traditional Corona treatment we have introduced EASI-Plasma which we are certain will be the next big thing in surface modification. EASI-Plasma has been developed in co-operation with the French company Coating Plasma Industrie and is an evolution of the Corona treatment. By replacing the oxygen with gases or monomers in the EASI-Plasma equipment it can create new and innovative abilities on the film surface achieving benefits such as:

  • Higher and longer lasting dyne values
  • Replacement of primer or coating unit
  • Nano-coating thickness only 5-50 nm
  • Anti-fog surface
  • Hydrophilic or hydrophobic surface

At K 2013 VETAPHONE will display our variety of Corona and Plasma treaters which combined with iCorona and iPlasma generators provide the best solutions for converting, coating, extrusion, printing and laminating industries.

We look forwarding to seeing you on our stand no. A59 in Hall 10.For further information, please contact [email protected]

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