Study finds half of U.S. motorists don’t trust self-driving vehicles

LAS VEGAS–Fifty percent of U.S. motorists believe that autonomous vehicles will not be safe, according to the 2019 Global Automotive Consumer Study issued by auditing and consulting services firm Deloitte L.L.P. This figure is up slightly from DLeloitte’s 2018 study, in which 47 percent of U.S. motorists said they thought AVs would be unsafe, according […]

Eight months on, is the world’s most drastic plastic bag ban working?

Waterways are clearer, the food chain is less contaminated with plastic — and there are fewer “flying toilets”. A year after Kenya announced the world’s toughest ban on plastic bags, and eight months after it was introduced, the authorities are claiming victory — so much so that other east African nations Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi and […]

‘Besides ban, govt must focus on proper plastic waste disposal’

Nagpur: Even as they welcomed the state government’s recent ban on plastic, experts have pointed out that curbing plastic pollution is the need of the hour. Observing Earth Day, which has ‘End Plastic Pollution’ as this year’s theme, environmentalists stressed that proper disposal of plastic waste should be the priority. Speaking exclusively to TOI, country […]

Researchers Create Plastic-Degrading Enzyme

An international team of researchers from the United States, UK and Brazil has engineered an enzyme which can digest polyethylene terephthalate (PET), the primary material used in the manufacture of single-use plastic beverage bottles, in some clothing, and in carpets. The research team made the breakthrough when they were examining the structure of PETase, a […]