Shape memory polymer with a permanent shape that can be changed, locking features from previous shape

Scientists have developed a shape memory polymer with a difference: the polymer’s permanent shape can be changed multiple times, with the features from the previous shape remaining locked into the structure. This means that increasingly complex morphologies can be sequentially built into the polymer – something that is not possible using a conventional mould. The […]

Global medical plastics market sees sustained growth

Demand for disposable medical products with cost-effective, lightweight designs and the continued expansion of global trade are among the factors driving growth in the medical plastics market, according to a report from Transparency Market Research (Albany, NY). “Medical Plastics Market—Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2012 – 2018” also points to rising […]

Printpack’s New Pouch Helps Brands Live Up to Sustainability Promises

Recyclable Packaging Also Boosts Food Preservation ATLANTA, November 6, 2016 — Printpack, a leader in flexible and specialty rigid packaging, announces the launch of its new, easy-tear polyethylene pouch designed for compliance with the How2Recycle store drop-off recycling stream. In addition to providing easy recyclability, the package can also be equipped with customizable options for […]

Lightweight Blades Made of Recyclable Plastic Optimize Offshore Wind Farms

Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany are developing plastic recyclable blades for offshore wind turbines to make the blades — which are larger than conventional turbine blades — easier to assemble and more stable in offshore conditions. With the use of offshore wind power becoming more prevalent, those operating and developing the technology to […]

Kraiburg thermoplastic elastomers win auto design award

An innovative glove compartment produced by a collaboration between German firm Kraiburg and car giant BMW has won an award from The International Society of Plastic Engineers. Kraiburg thermoplastic elastomers win auto design award The winning design used thin-film technology with a soft touch texture that was achieved with Kraiburg’s thermoplastic elastomers in the “Body […]

K 2016: New era beckons for plastics and automotive design

The use of plastics in future automotive projects will only be limited be the ability of manufacturers to produce large, complex, high-quality parts on an industrial scale, according to a leading designer. In a presentation entitled ‘Pushing Boundaries of Future Automotive Design’, Demian Horst, of the Umeå Institute of Design in Sweden, told an audience […]

Designers and plastics experts discuss collaboration for a sustainable future

A conference held as part of London design week recently gave plastics experts and designers the opportunity to discuss how increased collaboration could lead to a more sustainable future. The Plasticity Forum brought designers into the ongoing discussion around the problem of plastics waste, with the goal of to giving them the tools and know-how […]