Following their relocation and expansion in 2018, technical plastic injection moulders, Counterplas, are delivering on their promise to re-equip their premises by installing new, larger moulding machinery, and updating old equipment.

Founded in West Bromwich in 1990, Counterplas moved to a new location in South Staffordshire last year. Having increased their turnover by more than 50% to £6m, they have recently received delivery of two new machines, which marks the first step of a replacement and enhancement programme that will take place over the next five years, at a cost of over £2m.

Supported by state-of-the-art ancillary equipment, including robotics, blenders, dosers, chillers and hot runner controllers, the new machines will ensure high levels of repeatability, precision, reliability and efficiency for years to come.

Paul Isherwood, Counterplas Managing Director, commented: “Following our move to our new purpose-built facility in 2018, it was always our plan to invest heavily in new machinery and focus on extending our range to offer the ability to mould bigger parts and provide a consistently high quality of service to customers.

“In addition to producing much larger products, our new machines will also help markedly increase our efficiency through automation and significant power savings.”

The new machines are just the first two of a five machine replacement programme that will be carried out over the next five years. With the new machines having been commissioned, older machines can now be retired.

Isherwood added: “With the introduction of the new machinery, we are now retiring machines of over 20 years old, at long last. Our long-term employees will certainly be cheering!”

Alongside spending on updating production equipment, Counterplas now intends to increase its investment in people, recruiting additional key personnel and assisting the current staff with training and personal development programmes.

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