ResTech Plastic Molding Expands Berlin Plant Operations

The plastics  manufacturer ResTech Plastic Molding LLC (RPM) has announced it has merged two of its Connecticut-based divisions — Northeast Mold & Plastics of Glastonbury and Tech Atlantic of Berlin.

These key changes to its organizational structure in the U.S. are designed to strengthen corporate support for its family of brands and provide an industry-leading manufacturing platform to accelerate their growth, the company said in a statement.

ResTech Plastic Molding Expands Berlin Plant Operations
ResTech Plastic Molding Expands Berlin Plant Operations

“The new manufacturing facility reaffirms ResTech Plastic Molding’s commitment toward investing in the U.S. manufacturing economy as well as its commitment towards assisting our customers to re-shore back to the U.S.,” said ResTech Plastic Molding CEO, George E. Danis. “The merger is expected to accomplish three objectives: strengthen our design, engineering and technology synergies; advance the performance of material sciences to deliver a wider range of plastic material solutions for a multitude of product applications; and, increase production space and gain capacity.”

RPM’s manufacturing strategy to build an industry-leading manufacturing platform is from direct investments in acquiring Tech Atlantic in April 2013 and Northeast Mold & Plastics in 2014. This will be supported by a company-wide $2M investment in Industrial Automation through 2016 to improve employee, equipment, plant operations and environmental capabilities and safety.

Combining divisions significantly expands not only on the physical building size of the 68,000 square feet but also assembly service, automation and more manufacturing capabilities. The facility is ISO 9001-2008 Certified, UL listed and increases production capacity to 33 presses ranging from 24 to 500 tons including (4) 2-shot, 2-color, 2-component machines ranging from 88 to 220 tons.

The company expects its vertical market  focus to expand plastic injection molding across multiple industries to help drive the future of today’s historic shift from metals to aluminum to more durable plastics. Opening the door to safer, more reliable and efficient products that meet environmental sustainability. Searching for an injection molder is virtually endless, but with globalization and outsourcing, the current climate is even more challenging. The solution: OEMs can now find one manufacturing platform that fits their organic growth, multi-industry criteria and long-term goals.

“Both leadership teams of ResTech Plastic Molding and Northeast Mold & Plastics view the merger as a stage for extensive growth,” said Ron Bodeau, General Manager of Connecticut Operations. “Our first priority is to accelerate growth with our new capability and to continue its upward trajectory.” As part of this merger the business based at the Berlin location will now operate under the Northeast Mold & Plastics, LLC. name.

The acquisitions and merger are part of the company’s growth strategy according to the report. In a statement, the company said it plans a company-wide $2 million investment in industrial automation through 2016 to improve employee, equipment, plant operations and environmental capabilities and safety.


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