Common alternative to BPA plastic is equally harmful in animal testing, study finds

“BPA-free” doesn’t necessarily mean it’s safe. Public concerns over the potential harm of bisphenol A (BPA) – an industrial chemical used to strengthen plastic in things like water bottles and children’s toys – has seen many manufacturers develop ‘safer’, BPA-free alternatives in recent years. But one chemical that’s being used as a BPA substitute might […]

CHINAPLAS 2016: Innovative design featuring BASF’s high performance plastics to make debut

At CHINAPLAS 2016, a range of innovative product designs developed by students from Tama Art University in Japan using BASF’s high performance plastic materials will be on display in China for the first time. The product designs, developed under the theme of “Gyro-centric Design” (wheeled products), are based on a collaboration between BASF’s design platform […]

Lilleborg and Kraiburg collaborate to offer toothbrushes with high quality soft grips

TPEs revolutionized the personal care market when they were introduced as soft grips in toothbrushes, according to Kraiburg. The demand for soft-grip toothbrushes has increased significantly since their introduction. Working together, Lilleborg and Kraiburg aim to add functionality, value, comfort and durability to toothbrush handles, and to deliver important attributes like aesthetics, superior adhesion, a […]