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Ontario, Canada Helping Horizon Plastics Create up to 350 Jobs

Ontario is helping Horizon Plastics International Inc. of Cobourg produce more advanced plastic products, which could create up to 350 new jobs.

Horizon Plastics develops and manufactures custom plastic products for the industrial, environmental and consumer sectors around the world.

The government is helping the company commercialize new technology for producing plastic that uses half the amount of raw material. It also uses less energy, oil, gas and water and creates less waste. The resulting product is strong enough to replace plywood used in boats and RVs.

“Ontario’s economy is turning the corner because companies like Horizon Plastics are transforming their good ideas into great jobs. Horizon has taken a fresh look at making plastic products – and the results will be exciting new markets and new economic growth,” Glen Murray, Minister of Research and Innovation.

“Our team at Horizon Plastics is excited, energized, and eager to use the support we are receiving in order to develop and produce new, innovative products which will support high paying manufacturing jobs that are an important element of our community,” Peter Garvey, President, Horizon Products International Inc.


* Horizon Plastics’ strong, lightweight and weather-resistant plastic products can be used in place of wood, metal and concrete.
* Ontario’s nearly $2-million investment through the Innovation Demonstration Fund will support the project, worth almost $4 million in total.
* So far, Ontario has recovered 93 per cent of the jobs lost in the recession.


* About Horizons Plastics International Inc.
* About the Innovation Demonstration Fund.
* About Ontario’s Innovation Agenda.


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