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Ferromatik Milacron to exhibit new F-Series injection molding machines at Interplas

malicron1_20110718_cprjFerromatik Milacron GmbH, a Germany-based manufacturer of injection molding machines, will

present a model of the new modular F-Series at Interplas that will be held from September 27-29 in Birmingham, the UK.

The F-Series platform is designed to allow for any number of module configurations so that every machine is, in effect, fully customized. “This means that the user can focus on whatever aspects are most important for their applications: performance, energy consumption, dynamics, or precision – as well as any combination of electric or hydraulic drives,” said Dr Thorsten Thümen, Director of Research & Development at Ferromatik Milacron. “The result is that each user can assemble the most economical machine for their needs.”

Ferromatik Milacron will exhibit an F 80 machine at Interplas, with a clamping force of 800kN, and an Advanced Performance (AP) size 40 injection unit with an injection speed of 500mm/s and an L/D 22 screw. This machine has a tie-bar spacing of 470x470mm and will demonstrate production of syringe guards on a 64-cavity mold from Schöttli with a cycle time of 5.8 seconds.

The molded parts are transferred by an Air-Move-System from Trio-technik into a carousel box filling unit. The F 80 on show is configured as a hybrid machine with electric drives for clamping, ejection, and plasticizing, and with accumulator hydraulics for injection. The dry cycle time of the machine is 1.1 seconds at 329mm opening stroke.

The official launch of the F-Series, with the three currently available models F 80, F 160 and F 350, was in May 2011 at the Open House in Malterdingen, Germany. The new F-Series, with a special focus on the packaging, consumer goods and medical technology industries, will, when complete, encompass 10 machines ranging from 500kN to 6,500kN and will ultimately replace Ferromatik Milacron’s current line-up of all-electric, hydraulic, and hybrid machines.

In addition to the F machine, Ferromatik Milacron will exhibit products from Wemo Automation AB, including a Wemo 4-5 servo driven swing arm robot and a WCS-VXV two-level box stacking system. The Wemo 4-5 robot provides a convenient cost-effective solution for handling parts, is fast, reliable and has a simple design. “Ferromatik and Wemo share a partnership whose strength is based on a deep understanding of one another, and that connection is not just built on a shared technical vision, but on human relationships,” said Clive Scott.


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