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KraussMaffei prepares plastic mold for chocolate maker

Hans Brunner GmbH, a German mold manufacturer for chocolate industry based in Munich, has recently invested in a 2,300 ton MX machine from plastics machine builder KraussMaffei. The injection molding machine is capable of producing even larger chocolate molds.

In the late 1940s, Brunner began making chocolate molds out of plastic. The company developed its own specialized manufacturing processes and rapidly became a pioneer in molds for mass production. Chocolate molds are often manufactured in small batches — of usually less than 2,000 articles — and will typically be in use for just one season. A good example is the mold for chocolate Easter rabbits.

According to Markus Gebhart, one of the company’s managing partners, the machine is equipped with a laser marker and a scale as part of the quality documentation system. The handling robot contributes to stable, operator-friendly production.



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