Kraton Polymers develops first high polymer binder for porous asphalt roads

Kraton Polymers LLC, a producer of engineered polymers, KWS Infra BV, a construction company and Latexfalt, a producer of polymer modified bitumen binders and emulsions, have announced the introduction of the first high polymer content binder uniquely designed to enhance durability and safety of porous asphalt roads.

The new tough binder has the capability to reduce aggregate loss (also known as raveling) which often results in increased road noise and damage to cars caused by debris. Contractors and binder producers will now have the opportunity to elevate polymer concentrations to enhance performance without sacrificing workability and compatibility. Kraton Polymers new polymer is well suited for high performance asphalt road applications.

Porous asphalt is used on roadways globally. Japan has applied highly modified porous asphalt binders for over 20 years. Based upon the advances in Asia and Europe, Kraton Polymers has been able to formulate a binder that exceeds the Japanese specifications for porous asphalt binders while retaining the workability and compatibility expectations of European road contractors. The co-operation, KWS Infra BV, Latexfalt and Kraton Polymers LLC, contributed to the successful trial application of the new porous asphalt binder to a stretch of highway in the Netherlands, leading to the Eindhoven ring road.