Reifenhäuser launches second model type of mechatronic polishing stacks

Reifenhäuser Cast Sheet Coating has launched a new polishing stack model, MIREX-MT-HS for production of yoghurt cups, trays and similar products.

Similar to its predecessor MIREX-MT, the mechatronic gap adjustment allows precise and fully automated process controlled by a 24″ touch screen panel. The vertical roll arrangement and smaller roll diameters in a range between 310mm and 510mm is able to produce polystyrene (PS), polypropylene (PP) and barrier films with output capacities from 400-1,200kg/h.

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Reifenhäuser launches second model type of mechatronic polishing stacks

Moreover, the MIREX-MT-HS polishing stack is able to produce under clean room conditions as the normally used hydraulic roll set-on system was replaced with a mechatronic system.

Reifenhäuser said the first machine was shipped to a European customer at the end of May. With a capacity of 800kg/h, it will produce 0.4-1.6mm thick PP films in a finished width of up to 850mm in a space-saving vertical roll arrangement.

Philip Neumann, Sales Director at Reifenhäuser Cast Sheet Coating, said, “The market of our customers is highly competitive so that margins are low. Therefore, the cost advantage achieved through fast production of quality products after startup of the line or after product changeover was the crucial argument for our customer to buy the system from us with our unique and patented MT technology.”

Its reproducible adjustment of the mechatronic system helps to produce optimum quality in a short time after product changeover, according to the company.

A third model type of polishing stacks using a mechatronic roll set-on system will be presented by Reifenhäuser this year.