SABIC Innovative Plastics unveils new resin colors and special effects

SABIC Innovative Plastics has unveiled its new Expression 2012 palette, the company’s fifth annual portfolio of eye-catching resin colors and special effects to inspire designers and give customers new ways to differentiate their products and stand out from the competition.

The Expression 2012 color palette was created based on the ColorXpress Europe’s research into the latest industry color trends. It features brilliant new colors such as retro hues of fuchsia, teal and orange; and versatile neutrals. The colorful new palette can be used in a range of SABIC Innovative Plastics resin technologies, including Lexan and Cycoloy resins.

The new Expression 2012 color palette also features in-surface decoration, a sustainable, direct-decoration colorizing process that works by enabling water soluble colorants to soak into a resin to eliminate the need for paint. SABIC Innovative Plastics claims that using in-surface decoration in combination with its materials makes the color palette fully recyclable.

Additionally, the SABIC Innovative Plastics Expression 2012 palette showcases the versatility of the company’s technologies to help customers create stylish, distinctive and differentiated products for industries including healthcare, automotive and light emitting diodes (LEDs). The new color pallet also includes flame-retardant grades, allowing for more diversity in high-temperature applications.

The new palette further includes optical black colors with rich green, blue and magenta shades for Lexan polycarbonate resins that shift intensity depending upon the use of light.


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