Green Packaging Container Flows From Manufacturing Source to Biodegrade

A new packaging container for consumer products has been developed. Called the Flow Bottle, this Patent Pending design allows for consumers to purchase their favorite liquid or dry product in a biodegradable refill container that fits into a reusable outer container.


The reusable outer container can have the traditional branding shape and color while the refill container is designed for maximum shipping and filling efficiency.

The biodegradable refill container is manufactured and shipped to the filling plant in a volume reduced format producing shipping savings of 70-85%. The utilitarian shape allows for maximum packaging efficiency both in filling line operation and shipping efficiency.

Imagine a container that is designed for improved shipping, filling and an inviting display shelf for the consumer. Our revolutionary product is designed to create savings all along the manufacturing process and sales chain, says automation visionary Gene Eckert of Pack Flow Concepts. Consumers will like the Green packaging component and the reduced costs while enjoying the benefits of reduced storage.

The fact that the Flow Bottle has been designed with the needs of reducing transportation costs, eliminating empty bottle sortation and creating a flow directly into the bottle filling station is exciting for the producer says David Brown, President of Pack Flow Concepts. But the benefits to the consumer in Retail Ready Packaging for both the individual store shelves or the big box store pallet layout will bring convenience and costs savings.

“With the Flow Bottle, you never lose control of the refill container during the entire product life until the consumer selects it from the shelf or pallet. No money is wasted on re-orientating the refill compared to what is often seen in traditional manufacturing, filling and shipping today says John McFadden, Automation Strategist at Pack Flow Concepts.

The main driving force for the package design is the reduction of the enormous waste of plastics in our world. By creating a package that not only can suitably reduce a manufacturers cost but also benefit the world we live in, it seems to be the next logical step in manufacturing design.

Pack Flow Concepts is currently in early discussions with several companies for the licensing of this technology and will be exploring other markets.

About Pack Flow Concepts LLC

Pack Flow Concepts was formed in 2011 to develop and market novel packaging and integrated automation solutions for industry, focusing on logical transitions of the overall product and process for the life cycle.


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