New Brand Name for Axion International’s Composite Railroad Ties

EcoTrax is the new brand name that has been unveiled by Axion International, a US-based structural building products developer, for its

existing composite railroad ties.

The composite products have undergone broad proof-of-concept testing and are currently being marketed in several local and international markets across the railroad tie industry.

EcoTrax ties are manufactured using plastic and plastic composite materials that are 100% recycled. Hence, they are inert, environmentally- friendly and last for a longer period. When compared to traditional railroad ties, the EcoTrax ties are suitable for harsh weather conditions. They allow easy installation at the track location with the use of traditional wood tie equipment.

Axion’s EcoTrax do not contain any toxic material and has high resistance to insect infestation. In addition, it prevents warpping and leaching of toxic chemicals. Transportation of Axion’s composite railroad ties is less expensive as it is lighter than traditional tie materials. The product is entirely recyclable at the end of its working life.

Director of Business Development for Axion, William Jordan remarked that the company will be introducing the new EcoTrax brand via several direct marketing campaigns and trade shows. Axion has also planned to participate in the upcoming APTA EXPO 2011 event, where it can showcase the new EcoTrax products and increase awareness about the company and the products.


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