New battenfeld-cincinnati KryoSys PO extrusion line shown in Vietnamese pipe factory

battenfeld-cincinnati said in a statement on September 22 that its new KryoSys PO pipe extrusion line was displayed at Vietnamese pipe

producer Tien Phong Plastic Joint Stock Company’s open house event from August 4-5 in Haiphong.

During the event, a battenfeld-cincinnati 1,200mm GreenPipe extrusion line with a maximum output of 1,400kg/h was seen producing pipes for water and sewage applications with a wall thickness of 57.2mm.

The showcased GreenPipe extrusion line consists of a monos+ 90-37D single screw extruder with energy-efficient AC motor, the KryoS 63-1200 pipe head, a CE 30 co-extruder for color stripes, and downstream equipment for pipe sizes up to 1,200mm, including two vacStream 6m single chamber vacuum tanks, two coolStream 6m cooling baths, a pullStream haul-off with 10 caterpillars and a cutStream swarfless planetary cutting unit.

The internal melt and pipe cooling system is said to reduce cooling time by nearly half compared to traditional system. Sagging effects were reduced due to the internal melt cooling already in the die head and the pipes showed measurements for ovality and thickness distribution within standard tolerance levels.

battenfeld-cincinnati’s KryoSys system was first introduced in 2008. Its main feature, the KryoS pipe head, is based on a spiral mandrel die and comes with a special melt cooling system that start cooling the melt in the die.


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