With immediate effect, plastics machinery supplier KraussMaffei’s new sales partner for the countries around the Arabian Gulf is eRam Holding. The agreement with eRam strengthens KraussMaffei’s presence in a region where there is still strong potential for growth in the plastics processing sector.

The states around the Arabian Gulf produce a large share of the world’s oil. In recent years, the area has become not only a producer and refiner of oil, but increasingly a location for businesses producing oil-based products, including plastics production and processing.

eRam now represents all three of KraussMaffei’s technology divisions throughout the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states: Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. eRam, a diversified trading and service company is firmly established in the Gulf states. The headquarters of eRam Holding, led by Prince Faisal Al-Saud, is in the Saudi Arabian economic metropolis of Jeddah. The company also has branches in the Saudi capital Riad, in Dubai and Kuwait City, and outside the GCC states, in Amman, Beirut and Cairo. Via this network, eRam offers solutions and services across a range of business sectors. From IT and security technologies to mobile communication, financial services and – as the latest addition to the company’s portfolio–the whole bandwidth of plastics machinery and systems, including automation, from KraussMaffei.


Source: plastics.2456.com

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