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Eastman opens new TPE application development center

Eastman Chemical Company, a chemical, fibers and plastics company, announced last Thursday (June 25) the opening of its thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) application development center.

The new facility will allow Eastman to combine its portfolio of high-performance additives and specialty polymers with its technical expertise to help compounders, component manufacturers and OEMs develop solutions for exciting new TPE applications.

Additionally, the facility will help Eastman develop novel blends based on its unique line of Eastman copolyester elastomers.

Outfitted with compounding equipment, including single screw and twin screw extruders, a two roll mill, film extrusion (with the capability to co-extrude up to 5 layer films) and injection molding capabilities, the facility will enable component manufacturers and OEMs to develop and test their products with the help and guidance of Eastman experts.



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