Farewell celebration for Managing Director Herbert Kraibühler

Farewell celebration for Managing Director Herbert Kraibühler

Event: farewell celebration held for Herbert Kraibühler in the presence of around 180 guests
Award: Senior Partner Eugen Hehl presents golden Arburg logo as thanks for life’s work
Retirement: handover of Managing Director Technology & Engineering position prepared long in advance

Farewell celebration for Managing Director Herbert Kraibühler
Farewell celebration for Managing Director Herbert Kraibühler

Lossburg. On 1 April 2014, Herbert Kraibühler entered into well-deserved retirement after 50 years of service to Arburg. Since assuming the position of Managing Director Technology & Engineering in 1996, he has played a decisive role in the company’s success. On special request by Herbert Kraibühler, the Arburg Partners had invited for the official farewell long-standing associates from business and science. On 4 April, around 180 guests experienced an impressive evening at the Arburg Customer Center in Lossburg. Herbert Kraibühler was the recipient of a special honour when Senior Partner Eugen Hehl presented him with the newly created golden Arburg logo for his life’s work.

“This is an exceptional evening for us all. It is truly extraordinary to be taking leave of an employee after 50 years of service, who has achieved so much in a position of this kind and who has had such a profound influence on the company and on the industry,” said Senior Partner Eugen Hehl in his tribute speech.

Award: Arburg logo in gold
Eugen Hehl reminisced about Herbert Kraibühler’s 50 years of service and the corresponding 50 years of company history, singling out the Managing Director’s special relationship with his brother Karl Hehl and himself. He further commended Herbert Kraibühler for the excellent manner in which he upheld the Arburg values, for his commitment to the company’s culture and strategic focus, as well as for the good judgement and humanity with which he performed the challenging job of a Managing Director. “We would also like to express our thanks for your life’s work in a tangible form,” said Eugen Hehl. He then invited Herbert Kraibühler up onto the stage in order to ceremoniously present him the Arburg logo in gold. In future, exceptional and outstanding services to the company will be honoured with this newly created award.

Next, the Managing Partners, Juliane Hehl, Renate Keinath and Michael Hehl expressed their thanks to Herbert Kraibühler. “Achieving success requires ability and expertise, the right production facilities, inventiveness, entrepreneurial flair and a great deal of staying power. But what’s required above all, are the right people at one’s side. We have been particularly lucky in this respect with Herbert Kraibühler!” said Michael Hehl to put it in a nutshell.

Farewell celebration for Managing Director Herbert Kraibühler
Farewell celebration for Managing Director Herbert Kraibühler

Thanks: “baton” passed on by Herbert Kraibühler
Herbert Kraibühler expressed his thanks for the honours bestowed upon him. He emphasised the significance of networking for the successes over the past 50 years and for the future: “Common ground is vital for our progress. That’s why we work closely with scientists, partners and our customers, the technical requirements of which have constantly helped us to grow.” He went on to say that both in terms of the modular machine range and of the order situation, Arburg had reached a high-point. “The wisdom to stop when you’re on top also applies precisely to me,” added Herbert Kraibühler in this context. With the words, “You are perfectly equipped for your new duties. Maintain close contacts with our partners, customers and employees. If you do so, I am convinced that you will be successful with Arburg and Arburg will be successful with you!” Herbert Kraibühler symbolically handed an oversized spanner to Heinz Gaub, who took over as the new Arburg Managing Director Technology & Engineering on 1 April 2014.

Farewell celebration for Managing Director Herbert Kraibühler
Farewell celebration for Managing Director Herbert Kraibühler

Esteem: new Managing Director Heinz Gaub
Heinz Gaub had spent the previous nine months intensively preparing for his new responsibilities. “I got to know Herbert Kraibühler as an enthusiastic and inspiring man of technology, who is held in extremely high esteem throughout the company,” said Heinz Gaub expressing his admiration before adding, “I would especially like to thank him for leaving me such a highly motivated and committed team, with which I can embark on new avenues and conquer new fields.”

Career: from trainee to Managing Director
Herbert Kraibühler began his apprenticeship as a machine fitter in Lossburg in 1964 before studying precision engineering in Karlsruhe, specialising in plastics technology, thanks to a scholarship from Arburg. In 1972, he joined the company’s Development Department. His further professional path led him via various posts until he assumed the position of Managing Director Technology & Engineering in 1996. Over the course of the five decades, he continuously furthered the development of injection moulding technology. The technological milestones during this period included the development of the Selogica machine control system, Allrounder injection moulding machines with fully electric drives and expansion of the product range with additive manufacturing through the Freeformer, which was extremely well received at its world premiere at the K 2013 trade fair. Arburg will not have to completely dispense with Herbert Kraibühler’s experience as he will continue to assist with the market introduction of the Freeformer and serve in an advisory role to the Partners on strategic questions.

Show: spectacular performances round off the evening
The unique evening celebrations were completed by an impressive entertainment programme. Highlights included a Freeformer show by a female contortionist especially tailored for Herbert Kraibühler, a memorable address by German Chancellor Dr Angela Merkel, or rather by her stunning double Antonia von Romatowski, as well as acrobats performing breath-taking acts with cloth banners and rings suspended from the ceiling of the Customer Center. Musical entertainment was provided by the band “Wirtschaftswunder” as well as saxophonist Denise Engelhart and friends.

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