Novares awarded for plastic fuel cell stack

Air Liquide has awarded global plastic solutions Novares for its lightweight and affordable plastic fuel cell stack at the Autombile Awards 2020/21, by Motul.

Developed on the belief that plastic solutions will contribute to the development of cleaner and lighter vehicles, the stack offers a weight saving of 35% and a cost saving of approximately 25%, compared to standard metal alternatives.

The fuel cell stack design was based on experience gained during the development of Novares’ Plastic Water Charge Air Cooler and was recognised at the award ceremony for its innovative approach and design.

“Reducing the weight of vehicles, especially electric vehicles, is a major trend in car manufacturing, with producers seeking ever lighter vehicles to offer to their clients,” said, Pierre Boulet, CEO of Novares.

“Novares specialises in plastic components and systems, and we are striving to bring solutions for our automotive customers. We are gratified that this latest innovation has won industry recognition.”