CCP Gransden Makes Engel Purchase After Austria Visit

Northern Ireland-based composites and thermoplastics manufacturer CCP Gransden has secured an Engel v-Duo machine after visiting the injection moulding machine specialist’s Centre for Lightweight Technologies in in St Valentin, Austria.

CCP Gransden, which is based in Ballygowan, made the purchase after research into the moulding of advanced thermoplastics, which offer significant weight reduction and increased strength.


The Engel v-Duo is billed as a large-scale machine which offers fibre composite applications and high cavity pressure processes.

CCP Gransden engineering director Robert McConnell, said: “Such high levels of control and automation are not the norm for compression moulding presses. Engel’s ability to assist in the development, integration and operation of a complete manufacturing cell was also a key consideration. In fact, the ability to future proof aspects of the machinery, to revisit and add equipment in the future, was really important to us.

“We aim to offer a flexible, integrated and high quality manufacturing solution. To this end we have worked with Engel to develop a unique factory management and manufacturing cell.

“Going forward, we plan to carry out further development of the cell to maximise its integration. Even at this early stage in our progression, it is clear that this will be particularly applicable to automotive, aerospace and defence related manufacturing. Its high levels of control, data recording and quality engineering distinguish this cell from other capabilities currently available.”

Engel UK managing director Graeme Herlihy, said: “We were very keen to provide a solution for what is clearly a very exciting and challenging project.

“CCP Gransden visited our Lightweight Technologies Centre in Austria and together we concluded that their operation would benefit from the large vertical v-duo 1100, combined with a smaller injection unit.

“These machines have formed the foundation of the new cell, together with the integration of a high temperature oven, high pressure resin transfer moulding unit and the addition of a six-axis robot.”

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