Leading industrial vacuum forming company, Donite Plastics has joined the fight against COVID-19 in recent months with not one, but three revolutionary new products, designed and manufactured by the Northern Irish company.

The new products follow the recent and much-publicised release of the Head Box, the sophisticated thermoformed plastic box that prevents disease transmission between clinical staff and other patients, as well as a new range of visors.

Donite Plastics then shifted their focus to prevent transmission of the deadly disease amongst employees within public sector bodies, educational authorities and schools and business organisations, once a return to the office is made.

The company has launched a range of COVID divider screens, suitable for a variety of businesses and organisations. Featuring hanging, freestanding and counter divider screens, each screen is made bespoke to the client’s specification.

Following WHO guidelines to create the product, the screens are designed to protect against viruses, coughs and sneezes; and reduce the risk of staff and customers contracting COVID-19.

The clear polycarbonate material, which is highly transparent and known for its use in high impact environments due to its durability and strength, provides a clear view between persons.

Donite Plastics Managing Director, Michael Knight, spoke about their newest range of products: “The onset of the Coronavirus had meant that lots of businesses are having to think outside the box and are using innovation to help in the fight against Coronavirus. Here at Donite Plastics, we have been consulting with people in the medical profession, as well as other relevant sectors, to see how we could add value and use our experience to assist.

“Following the success of the Head Box, which we launched in May, we changed our focus to those businesses that are now considering a return to the office. We understand this is a nerve-wracking time for many, but we want to offer a solution for businesses to ensure a safe working environment on the inevitable return to the office. 

“Our range of COVID divider screens are of the highest quality and very competitively priced. The team here at Donite, in addition to their daily thermoforming tasks, has worked extremely hard ensuring the products are of the highest quality and fit for purpose and they are all delighted to be able to make a difference in the fight against COVID-19,” Michael concluded.

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