An order from a Turkish processor of thermoformable PET sheet prompted automation specialist BSG to add an additional software

module for direct extrusion lines to its portfolio. The newly developed software is now commercially available and can be used for all types of equipment lines in the direct extrusion procedure.

The order from the unidentified processor actually was placed with a German extruder manufacturer, who then tapped BSG to help with the control software. The software in essence is suitable for twin-screw, co-extrusion lines such as those often used for sheet extrusion. Typically, such lines consist of conveyors and feeders in combination with two, twin-screw extruders. Downstream of each extruder, a double screen changer / melt pump assembly is installed in tandem. Both lines converge together at a single flat film die.

The program has the capability of controlling the complete equipment line from a common operator panel. The software was developed to meet the challenge of programming the reverse control procedure, which maintains a consistent material throughput at the flat film die, even during screen changing.


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