Uson provides two new leak detection equipment matching services

Uson, a leak detection technology supplier based in the US, has developed two new leak detection equipment matching services suited for

testing plastic medical and biotech products, plastic bottles, plastic packaging and other plastics industry applications.

The two no-cost services are the Leak Detector Express Proposal service assuring a 48-hour return on Requests for Proposals (RFPs) that is suitable for most sectors in the industry, and the Leak Detection Equipment Custom Application Proposal service for unusual applications that require multi-phase analysis of suitable leak detection equipment at the concept stage, final designs, training, and factory installation and acceptance testing.

Uson says the Leak Detector Express Proposal service is timely for manufacturers responding to pressures to increasing production costs, as well as the opportunities provided by improved data storage capabilities in Uson leak detectors and how this is a boon to ongoing Six Sigma and similar quality initiatives.

According to Uson, leak detection equipment includes several models of leak detectors, each of which has been designed for specific test cycle times, leak rate, test pressures and similar specifications. The Uson “Express” service employs the vast database of leak test solutions to quickly determine suitable leak detectors for most RFP proposals.

As stated, the Leak Detection Equipment Custom Application Proposal service is designed to bring the entire expertise to bear on finding best leak detection equipment for more challenging test specifications or others requiring additional study. Some examples are high flow valves to fill large volumes quickly, pneumatic circuits that automatically switch leak tests from one side of a part to another, multiple test pressure requirements, etc.

The Uson team that finalizes these custom application proposals includes trained leak testing engineers, applications specialists, operations and sales specialists, brought together as a team to create leak test solutions for these more challenging requirements, according to the company.


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