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New universal panel indicator for extrusion applications

Dynisco has unveiled a new 1480 1/8-DIN Panel Indicator, which displays strain-gauge, voltage, current, thermocouple or RTD inputs, for

use on plastics extrusion equipment.

The universal pressure or temperature input indicator can be configured with single or dual alarms for high/low process variables, and optional linear retransmission of the displayed process reading.

The front panel is designed for three-button operation and includes an easy-to-read four-digit, 13-mm-high display of the process variable and maximum/minimum values. Red/green beacons change color on alarm.

Other key features include latching and non-latching relays, rated for 2-amp, 240v operation, and multipoint scaling. Front-panel protection is rated at IEC IP66 and behind-panel protection is IP20. The unit is CE approved.


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