Visitors impressed by Arburg’s injection molding machines at Brasilplast

Injection molding experts from around the South American region were amazed by the high performance of the machines offered by Arburg, the global injection molding machine maker, during Brasilplast 2009, the 12th international plastics industry trade fair held from May 4 to 8 at Sao Paulo, Brazil. An electric Allrounder 420 A with a high-speed, thin-wall application from the packaging sector and a hydraulic Allrounder 570 C Golden Edition representing the cost-efficient and globally-successful Golden Edition machine series were presented.

“Although it would be premature to speak of an end to the economic crisis, the mood within the industry has improved significantly compared to half a year ago,” said Kai Wender, Manager of the Arburg subsidiary in Brazil, describing the atmosphere at the exhibition stand.

An economical injection moulding solution was presented in the form of the hydraulic Allrounder 570 C Golden Edition. Kai Wender explained that with its high-quality standard equipment, this machine series has the potential to continue attracting broad buyer groups on the Brazilian plastics market. He also made special mention of the electric Allrounder 420 A and emphasised that, “With this exhibit, we were able to demonstrate the high-performance capabilities of our electric machines in the field of high-speed packaging applications. We will especially be expanding our activities in this field in the future.” An important contribution in this regard was made through the addition of two new machine sizes in the electric Alldrive series, the clamping force range of which now extends from 350 to 3,200 kN.

“We welcome the new spirit of optimism in the sector. Indications are that many dormant projects are being revived and tackled anew. Above all, long-term investments are once again being made. All the major international automotive suppliers have announced specific investment plans for the second half of the year. The cosmetics, packaging and medical technology sectors have reached the same high levels as in 2008 and are expecting more growth,” explained Kai Wender regarding the future of the Brazilian injection molding market.