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Plastic Recycling

BIR Convention discusses prospects and challenges faced by plastic recycling sector

BIR Convention discusses prospects and challenges faced by plastic recycling sector

ABU DHABI (Scrap Monster): According to participants of the Plastics Committee meeting at the 2015 BIR Convention held in Dubai, UAE, the plastic recycling sector has immense potential to grow at rapid rate. However, the sector is not free from challenges, it noted. The rate of plastic recycling has grown worldwide. However, tons of plasticRead More

plastic products

Eco-friendly rubber seal made of Lanxess’ Keltan Eco bio-based EPDM

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies, a German manufacturer of seals and vibration control technology products, has recently started to produce rubber seals made of Lanxess’ Keltan Eco ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) rubber at its North American affiliate. “Besides the technical performance of Keltan EPDM polymers, it reduces our dependency on fossil resources and, because it isRead More

PE price

Saudi Arabian major follows divergent PE price policies in global markets

According to ChemOrbis, a Saudi Arabian major appraoched global PE markets, including Turkey, Egypt and Southeast Asia, with mixed pricing policies for June. The main reason behind the producer’s divergent pricing trends is related to supply and demand conditions in those regions. In Turkey, the PE market is affected by dampened activity ahead of generalRead More

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Used plastic machinery is still useful in many aspects

In the present scenario, there is good demand for used plastic machinery in the open market. There are many companies that have vast experience in buying, reselling plus perfectly overhauling these machinery as per the needs and requirements of the clients and customers. It is to be highly noted that used plastic injection molding machine isRead More

Used Plastic Machinery

Used Plastic: A hope for Investors and Environmentalists

When every country is demanding a ‘GREEN’ living environment, use of used plastic machinery could behave as the most benefiting factor. How many times did we hear about using only the recycled products? In fact, few plastic categories like Poly-bags are banned by Indian government because everyone understands the imitativeness of recycling plastics in today’sRead More

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How managing crystallinity can improve quality and performance of PET bottles?

Agr International, Inc. announced that it is in the process of commercializing the technology for polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottle crystallinity management, and will market it under the trade name CrystalView. According to Georg Wolfe, Agr’s Chief Technical Officer, CrystalView will be incorporated into Agr’s Process Pilot automated blowmolder management system and when released, will provideRead More

pp price

Initial June PP prices announced stable to softer in SEA

According to ChemOrbis, players in Southeast Asia report that major overseas producers have begun to announce their initial June PP offers with either rollovers or modest reductions in the face of resistance from buyers as well as weakening prices in the nearby Chinese market. An agent of a Saudi producer said that their supplier loweredRead More

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Modular System for Medical Extrusion Cuts Job-Change Time from 2 Hours to 3 Minutes While Preserving Clean Room Integrity

With Modular Quick-Change™ System from American Kuhne, Barrel and Die Are Taken Off-Line to Tool Room for Cleaning, and Alternate Barrel and Die Are Rolled into Place YORK, PA, U.S.A., May 27, 2015: A new modular extrusion system enables processors of tubing and other small-diameter medical products to be up and running with a newRead More