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Hudson-Sharp to introduce new 5750 W high speed wicketer at Arabplast 2015

Hudson-Sharp to introduce new 5750 W high speed wicketer at Arabplast 2015

Hudson-Sharp, a US-based bag converting equipment supplier with a European headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, will present its latest version of the model 5750 W high speed wicketer at Arabplast 2015. For certain applications and under optimum conditions, the 5750 W can run consistently in a production environment at cycle speeds of 450 per minute. TheRead More

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A look back at highlights from 2014

What made the headlines in petrochemical markets in 2014? According to ChemOrbis, the most striking answer is, needless to say, crude oil prices, which steadily retreated since the start of the second half of the year. This was the sharpest decrease since the 2008 crisis as the overall decline reached 50% on average, which alsoRead More

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China’s polymer imports decline for 3rd consecutive month

According to ChemOrbis, China’s polymer imports declined for a third consecutive month in November, reflecting the muted state of demand in the country along with slower than anticipated economic growth. Even though imports for certain products moved up month on month, they suggest visible decreases year on year. Similar to November, overall demand for polymersRead More

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Middle Eastern players: Clouds may not scatter for January

According to ChemOrbis, in Middle Eastern markets, players have begun to voice their January expectations while a major Saudi Arabian producer already announced their new PP, PE and PS prices with decreases to their local market. The Saudi producer revealed their new January PP, PE and PS offers at the end of last week andRead More

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Will firmer styrene costs permit Asian PS sellers to stabilize the market?

Spot benzene and styrene costs in Asia have pared some of their losses over the week after recording relentless decreases for 5 months, according to ChemOrbis. The upward movement was mainly attributed to concerns about supply limitations in early 2015 owing to scheduled styrene shutdowns region wide. Plus, crude prices have also held steady recently,Read More

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Acetylene based PVC trading at a premium to ethylene based in China

Players in China report that acetylene based PVC prices in the local market have gained a premium over ethylene based PVC, a significant change in market dynamics compared with three months ago, when the premium for ethylene based PVC prices stood close to an all-time high of around $150/ton over acetylene based PVC on anRead More

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Cardia granted additional patent protection in four Asia Pacific countries

Cardia Bioplastics Limited from Australia has secured patent protection for its Cardia Compostable, Biohybrid and PPC-starch resin and finished products from Japan, Australia, New Zealand and China Patent and Trademark Offices. The patents protect the composition formulation and manufacturing process invented by Cardia. “This marks an important milestone for Cardia Bioplastics. These granted patents protectRead More

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Tomra Sorting shed lights on polymer recycling at Arabplast 2015

Tomra Sorting Recycling will highlight its sensor-based sorting technology for polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottle recycling and flake sorting at Arabplast 2015, to be held from January 10-13 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). The company’s TITECH autosort technology enables automated separation of different types of polymers, improving the overall recovery rate of polymers. Tasos Bereketidis,Read More