Wacker to exhibit new biocompatible silicone adhesive Silpuran 4200 at Compamed

Wacker AG, a specialty chemical provider based in Germany, announced on September 5 that it will present the newly developed

biocompatible silicone adhesive, Silpuran 4200, at Compamed 2011 which will be held in Düsseldorf, Germany from November 16-18.

Silpuran 4200 is formulated with a new catalyst that does not use organotin compounds, making it particularly safe to use from a health standpoint. Like all products in the Silpuran series, the new adhesive has also been certified as biocompatible in accordance with selected ISO 10993-1 and USP Class VI tests, according to Wacker.

While Silpuran 4200 is particularly suitable for bonding vulcanized silicone parts, it can also be used to bond textile surfaces onto silicone. Molded parts made from these materials can be readily bonded without the need for advance priming, the company added.

The vulcanized silicone adhesive layer can also support substantial mechanical loads. The vulcanizate shows medium hardness and elongation and it has good tensile strength and tear resistance. The elastic adhesive layer ensures a stable bond even when the bonded components move against each other. Therefore, Silpuran can also be applied in highly elastic bonds between the molded silicone parts and textiles used in manufacturing prosthetic and orthotic devices.

A pasty, self-leveling compound that shows shear thinning behavior, the new silicone adhesive can be applied manually or automatically and cured by exposure to air moisture. A skin forms in less than 10 minutes, Wacker further introduced.


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