ASD Las Vegas to Feature Beautiful Plastic Housewares from Brazil

brazil1Buyers have the unique opportunity to purchase the best in plastic housewares from Brazil,

courtesy of The Export Plastic Program. Exhibitors from eight Brazilian companies will feature attractive plastic housewares at the ASD Variety and Value Show in Las Vegas Sunday July 31st through Wednesday August 3rd. You don’t want to miss the opportunity of seeing these lovely and distinctive plastic housewares.

Brazilian plastic housewares are known for their quality and diversity. Eight manufacturers from Brazil will be presenting their assortment of plastic housewares, and you won’t want to miss these exhibits.

The Export Plastic Program has about 70 member companies, 40 of which specialize in plastic housewares. Together, these companies exported plastics to over 50 countries in Europe, North America, South America and Africa for an export volume of $36 million in 2010. This was a 12.5 percent increase over Brazilian plastics exported in 2009.

The Export Plastic Program was created in December 2003 through collaboration between the Brazilian integrated plastic supply chain (ranked among the 10 largest in the world) and Apex-Brasil (Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency). Brazilian plastic companies are renowned for their high technology as well as the quality of their human resources.

Under the coordination of the Brazilian Plastic Institute (INP), the Export Plastic Program promotes the exporting of finished plastic products by encouraging Brazilian plastic industries to develop and expand their business overseas. For housewares buyers, this means high-quality products with product availability and on-time delivery on plastic housewares that fit your local market demand.

Brazilian Exhibitors at ASD Variety and Value Show. The following eight companies will be exhibiting plastic housewares at the ASD Las Vegas Variety and Value Show.

Cobrirel: This company operates in the household utilities market in Brazil and also produces plastic components for the electro-electronics, automotive, telecommunications and home appliances industries. The company started in 1972, and has been in the household utilities market since 1989. Today, it offers a line over 50 products for the kitchen, garden, bathroom, organizers, water dispensing accessories, hangers, school lunch, floors and casters, etc.

Kos: Kos Acrylics has over 40 years experience in plastic manufacturing. Kos has been introducing new products to the market for over seven years. It carries a complete line of top quality products in five categories: tableware, kitchenware, hotel and restaurant, giftware and promotional. All products feature advanced designs and are made entirely of acrylic.

Multbox: Located in São Paulo, Brazil, Multbox guarantees the quality of its products and services. With over 35 years experience in injection and lamination of thermoplastics, the company is certified in ISO 9001 and designs products of technical sophistication to meet the needs of national and international markets.

Naxos is in the home appliances market and offers reliable, quality plastic products that are sold throughout Brazil and abroad. The company provides fast delivery, fair prices and guaranteed customer satisfaction. Naxos sells the Lume lighter, which has been a trusted brand in Brazil for 20 years due to its quality. Naxos is a SGS certified company.

Plasútil: A leader in the Brazilian plastic market with a presence in over 30 countries, Plasútil has a product range of over 700 plastic housewares items. The company produces products that combine high quality, modern design and functionality.

Oky Replasmac: A plastic injection company operating in the technical parts market for 20 years, the company developed the Oky brand for the domestic appliance market, innovating and transforming common products into special pieces. Oky provides plastic products in four categories: appliances, lighting, gardening and design. Products are manufactured though the application of details and blending transparencies and colors, creating practical solutions.

Schwanke: Founded in 1951, the factory is located in the South of Brazil. It manufactures plastic cleaning housewares and nonwoven products from natural and synthetic fibers.

Tritec: With 20 years market experience, Tritec specializes in the industrialization and commercialization of plastic products designed for domestic utilities. It has a children’s line and a packaging line for food products. Tritec is a high-tech plastic company that uses many manufacturing processes, including injection.


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