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Nissei one-step stretch-blow molding machine gets higher capacity

The ASB-150DPW one-step stretch-blow molding machine from Nissei ASB Co can run a 14-cavity jar mold and produce 3360 bottles/hr, according to

Designed to handle sizes ranging from small hotel amenity containers to wide-mouth peanut butter jars, this model delivers twice the productivity of the company*s single-row model for both narrow and wide mouthed, small to medium-size containers.

The ASB-150DPW has the same footprint as the ASB-150DP model but features a double-row configuration, doubling the cavitation to a maximum of 36 compared to 18 on the single-row machine. This model can make containers ranging from 50ml to 1.5L at an instantaneous rate of up to 10,800 bottles/hr.


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