The Terwin 2000 series transducers have been designed to meet the most exacting requirements in modern day extrusion technology.

Fitted with the unique Di-Hard™ diaphragms, these transducers are suitable for extrudate temperatures up to 450°C / 842°F and are resilient against attack from most abrasive or corrosive products.

The 2000 series incorporates unequalled mechanical and electrical design features to overcome the problems of large zero and span shifts caused by changes in process temperatures. This has only been obtainable in the past with transducers that utilise a liquid filled system incorporating substances such as Mercury or Sodium Potassium. All Terwin 2000 series transducers are constructed throughout from stainless steel and DO NOT employ any toxic substances, thus allowing them to be used on machines involved in the process of food, film or pharmaceutical products.
When it is required to measure temperature as well as pressure, the 2000 series is available with type “J” or “K” integral thermocouples. Standard thermocouples have grounded junctions.

The 2000 series is also available with a variety of head and connection / calibration types.


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