Plastic products in China up 21% in tons this half year

China outputted plastics products of 25.765 million tons for the first half year of 2010, said National Bureau of Statistics of China.

The growth in volume year on year was 21%. Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shandong, Jiangsu and Henan are the top five provinces in output. Guangdong reconfirms its status as the largest plastic product producer with 5.86 million, while Zhejiang recorded 4.12 million.

Growth in volume has been steady for the five provinces. It is worth noting that Henan sustained the fastest growth among the five (53%), Shangdong came second with 25% while other three all recorded approximately 15%.

Following the trend with monthly output exceeding one million tons, Guangdong looks destined to output more products than last year. Monthly output for Zhejiang was about 700,000 tons. Despite a fast growing output, Henan hit only 1.32 million for the six months – showing a relatively weaker base for the province.

Most categorizations in products recorded growth -Besides “other plastics product”, “plastic film”, “plastic tube and part”, “plastic rope & textile” and “daily plastics” were growing rapidly. Except “plastic film” (17%) the growth rate all passed 20% or above. “Plastic rod & profile” grew relatively slowly with 3% (outputting 790,000 tons)


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