Sidel unveils Sp 1000 HS palletizer  Switzerland-based packaging solutions company Sidel unveiled the new SP 1000 HS palletizer,

an entry-level alternative being safe and efficient for the production of palletizing products.

This new palletizer is the result of two new core functions, layer preparation and palletization. Whereas high-level palletizers work with stationary layers and moving pallets, low-level palletizers, like the new SP 1000 HS, maintain steady pallets while the layers are in movement. During layer formation the machine rotates and positions the packs into a shaped layer to be transferred onto the pallet. In the following palletization phase, the layers are picked up and stacked onto the pallet.

According to Sidel, SP 1000 HS manages to increase the speed of this process by its new patent-pending “pusher” that is able to guide the layers alternatively to the right or to the left while optimizing the “return stroke” time, which, in traditional approach, is substantially an “empty” movement.

The process is supported by Sidel’s new software program “PLACE”, short for Pallet and Layer Automated Configuration Editor. It creates and manages diverse pattern configurations before the layer-formation phase. This is useful for short-batch runs that require constant switching between formats and packaging types. The software, which can be installed either on the touch screen operator panel or on a PC, is compatible with Sidel’s Robo-Smart and Axo-Smart layer-preparation systems.

Both systems automatically checks whether the pallets are suitable and stable while optimizing efficiency and preventing errors. They also form and prepare the layers as the packs come off the production line onto the conveyor belts. Format changeovers regarding layer, bottles, or packs are entirely automatic and software-managed avoiding the need to stop the line.

Besides, Axo-Smart and Robo-Smart treat packs gently with few risks of product damage, and they will not fall as the device handling the pack travels at exactly the same speed as the surface on which the product travels.

For the second step in the palletization process, the new SP 1000 HS palletizer permits use of either Robo-Kombi or Robo-Column which physically picks up the packs and places them on the pallets. Both solutions offer high-speed operation, easy integration with existing solutions, and versatile gripping for working with different formats, including crates, shrink-wrapped packs, loose bottles, plastic trays, empty PET bottles and others.


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