Victrex becomes first PEEK manufacturer listed in COMAC’s QPL for next-generation aircraft

Victrex becomes first PEEK manufacturer

Victrex, one of the world leaders in polyetheretherketone (PEEK) polymer solutions, announced that it has become the only PEEK manufacturer to have its materials added to the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC)’s qualified product list (QPL) for use on its next-generation aircraft.

Victrex becomes first PEEK manufacturer
Victrex becomes first PEEK manufacturer

The company was chosen by COMAC to collaborate on identifying VICTREX PEEK solutions that can help in the production of a safe, easily-assembled, and fuel-efficient aircraft.

“We have been working with COMAC for almost two years now and are extremely excited to announce this significant achievement,” says Harald Hedderich, Aerospace Strategic Marketing Manager. “With our products already listed, we can continue to work closely together on expanding qualifications of our materials as COMAC understands the value that the Victrex team and product portfolio brings to the table.”

Due to the rapid growing demand from the aerospace industry, Mr. Hedderich noted that an additional 70% production capacity will come on stream in 2015. “Victrex has proactively invested in our customers’ futures by making sure that we can guarantee the supply of our innovative material solutions in a timely fashion,” he says. “We see the long term demand for our products increasing alongside the continued growth of the aerospace industry as well as the strong growth drivers across the other major markets we serve.”

According to a recent market study, “China: Aerospace Industry Outlook 2013”, China will have the largest need for commercial aircraft over the next 20 years with Chinese airlines requiring approximately 5,000 new airplanes during that time period.Victrex said its PEEK products offer high strength-to-weight ratio, strong chemical resistance, low fire, smoke, and toxicity emissions as well as the design freedom to create highly-optimized components and systems.


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