US hygiene products company develops bottles made from ocean plastic waste

Adam Lowry, co-founder of US-based hygiene products company Method Products Inc, revealed in his blog on that

his company has, in partnership with Envision Plastics, made prototype bottles out from post-consumer recycled plastics (PCR) collected in the ocean.

As said, the bottles are made of post-consumer HDPE, 25% of which was plastics collected from the North Pacific Gyre. A new process line has been created by Envision Plastics to recycle the materials. Meanwhile, Method Products are in cooperation with beach cleanup organizations, particularly those in Hawaii, to collect plastics waste being washed up on the beaches.

According to the blog, Method Products is connecting with more volunteer organizations to create a significant supply of PCR. It will then scale up the production of these bottles in partnership with other major retailers and bringing it to the market.


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