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BASF introduces new lower cost UV stabilizer for greenhouse films

According to its press release on September 20, BASF has added the latest Tinuvin XT 200 to the company’s stabilizer additive range for

UV protection.

BASF said that the new light stabilizer offers at least 24 months of service life in greenhouse application, which, shorter than the life span of three to four years offered by BASF’s Tinuvin NOR 371, allows it to come at a lower cost.

“In many situations, a longer service life is not necessary anyway, for example when deposits of dust keep out too much light after only one season,” explained Davide Alvisi of the BASF Development Center in Bologna, Italy.

The new stabilizer has completed a six-year development phase, with tests being carried out in Spain, China, Mexico, etc. The granules that contain the light stabilizer are mixed with the carrier material PE to produce the actual film.

Laurent Burget, BASF Marketing Manager for Plastic Additives, said, “With the light stabilizer Tinuvin XT 200, a service life of 24 months was still achieved for the greenhouse films – even under the harshest conditions of the intensive solar radiation and high temperatures which are common in the South. The stabilizer is also highly efficient against agrochemicals. This stability will enable the farmers to produce profitably throughout the entire growing season.”

BASF added that the trend towards ecological farming is also imposing new demands. Because although the sulfur compounds approved as agricultural products to prevent and combat fungal diseases are ecologically safe, chemically they readily deactivate the light stabilizers and accelerate their breakdown, explained Mr Alvisi. “This is why BASF developed these two Tinuvin stabilizers for greenhouse films – based on NOR technology – which are particularly resistant to sulfur compounds and other agrochemicals,” said he.


Source : www.adsalecprj.com

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