Soon we will all be mandated to haul our groceries, booze, and hamburgers around in organic-certified, fair-trade, shade-grown burlap sacks.

Many municipalities in the Golden State have now banned plastic bags. First, they came for our plastic bags; now they are coming after paper bags… at least in California. California Senate Bill 270 would prohibit grocery stores, convenience stores, wine shops, fast food joints and so forth from handing out free paper bags to their […]

US PVC faces subdued demand in Turkey, Egypt

Players report that buying interest for American PVC cargoes is generally low in Turkey and Egypt nowadays as per the pricing service of ChemOrbis. Import American PVC offers currently retain their strength at steady levels in those markets supported by firm dynamics in the US. Ethylene costs remain high given relatively reduced supplies for the […]

Vincent Medical Draws On Local And Global Capabilities Of Teknor Apex For Switching Anesthesia Device From Pvc To Tpe

HONG KONG, August 12, 2014: A crystal clear medical elastomer from Teknor Apex has enabled a leading contract manufacturer of medical devices to replace PVC in a critical anesthesia component without sacrificing the assembly and handling advantages for which PVC tubing is well known. Vincent Medical selected Medalist® MD-585 thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) compound in response […]