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Seavite relaunches its skin and hair care lines with M&H Plastics

Seavite relaunches its skin and hair care lines with M&H Plastics   M&H Plastics, a British-based supplier of plastic components and bottles, jars flexible tubes

and closures, has worked with Seavite, Ireland’s original organic seaweed-based personal care range, on the re-launch of their skin and hair care products.

Seavite was created in 1993 by Patrick Mulrooney, a marine scientist who spent many years researching marine science and nature, and his wife Kaye, a medical doctor.

The new range comprises moisturising products for the face, revitalising products for the body and illuminating and replenishing products for the hair, packaged in 500ml and 250ml HDPE Tubular bottles, a 250ml Quartz Jar plus 75ml and 250ml tubes. All these packaging products are part of M&H’s standard portfolio of over 1,000 products.

“Seavite products are all about making people feel good in both mind and body. We believe this new range will help unwind, de-stress and revitalise. M&H helped us develop packaging across the whole range which we believe conveys our brand essence in a distinctive style,” said Kaye Mulrooney.

The packs were printed in-house by M&H, with a selection of soft and muted colours, in line with the natural positioning of the brand. “M&H coordinated the whole project ensuring accurate colour matching across the various different materials in order to present a consistent brand identity,” said the company in a statement.

“Seavite demonstrates that it is possible to create stunning packaging at a cost-effective price by selecting from our standard product range,” concluded Karen Norris of M&H Plastics.


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