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Dr. Boy showcases compact insert molding machine BOY XS V

  Dr. Boy showcases compact insert molding machine BOY XS V Dr. Boy GmbH & Co. KG, renowned for manufacturing small injection molding machines,

showcased the BOY XS V, the smallest machine of its kind, at the FIP Solution Plastique held in Lyon, France from May 24-27.

The BOY XS V insert molding machine with 100kN clamping force was shown in the booth of their French representative Béwé-Plast. With a footprint of only 0.6sq m, the BOY XS V is the most compact insert molding machine in its clamping force category, as stated by the company. Despite its small size, the BOY XS V is equipped with the multi-patented Procan ALPHA high-end control.

“The diagonal arrangement of the two tie bars and the accessibility to the mold area were especially convincing,” summed up Carl Schiffer, Managing Partner and a Co-Owner of Dr. Boy. “The XS series offers the best conditions for automation and the user has completely new possibilities for component feeding and removal.”

“The BOY XS V has got all the characteristics of our larger machines but is even more compactly designed. Of particular note is fixed lower platen,” added Mr Schiffer. “The success in France shows that BOY realized the demand for compact, flexible and efficient injection molding machines and is able to offer the BOY XS V as an extremely attractive solution.”


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