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Solvay Advanced Polymers unveils AvaSpire AV-700

Solvay Advanced Polymers, LLC, a producer of performance plastics, has launched the AvaSpire AV-700 series, a new line of modified PEEK grades that fill the cost/performance gap between high-performance crystalline polymers (PPS, LCP, and high-temperature nylon) and PEEK, an ultra-performance crystalline polymer.

These proprietary PEEK-based formulations — available in unfilled, filled, and wear-resistant grades — offer comparable strength and modulus, equivalent or better chemical resistance, and up to a 30% cost reduction versus comparable PEEK grades. Targeted uses include demanding applications in automotive, heavy-duty off-highway equipment, oil and gas recovery, semiconductors and chemical processing.

The flagship material is AvaSpire AV-722 BG 20, an unfilled resin that is the basis for most of the AV-700 series formulations. The line also consists of AvaSpire AV-722 CF30, a 30% carbon fiber-reinforced grade, and three wear-resistant grades (AV-742 SL30, AV-722 SL30, and AV-755 SL45). Another grade, 40% glass-filled AvaSpire AV-750 GF40, has been previously available.

All six grades provide the high-level performance that is on par with comparable PEEK grades in terms of strength and stiffness, elongation and toughness, fatigue resistance, heat resistance, chemical resistance and wear performance. Their melt viscosities and processability are also equivalent to those of standard PEEK grades. The materials can be injection molded or extruded on conventional processing machinery.



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