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RTP Company compounds improve quality of Samsung color laser printers

Samsung Electronics, a world leader in designing and manufacturing OEM laser printer engines, has partnered with custom thermoplastics compounder RTP Company to upgrade color printer components and reduce operating noise.

Multiple RTP Company wear resistant and structural compounds were used in replacing various moving components, including the engine’s paper feeding roller, fuser gear, roller shaft, and cartridge lever.

Samsung received unique and cost-effective help from RTP Company by choosing materials with multiple properties to enhance their printer components. Their engineers utilized five different materials that all provided multiple property solutions — including high temperature, wear resistance, and structural reinforcement that ultimately added significant benefits to their printer engines.

For the paper feeding roller, Samsung chose an RTP 800 Series acetal compound featuring PFPE oil and PTFE internal lubrication, because the acetal compound exhibits low wear and friction, it is important as roller comes in contact with a steel spring system. Samsung also selected an RTP 1000 Series PBT compound for the engine’s roller shaft and cartridge lever, giving the printer high stiffness and impact resistance, as well as an excellent flammability rating.

For the fuser gear, Samsung chose an RTP 1300 Series glass fiber reinforced, PTFE lubricated PPS compound that displays strong wear resistance properties, extending the life cycle of the gear system. The material’s high temperature and flammability resistance were also extremely important requirements for the part, as the fuser gear is located adjacent to the heating roller where temperatures are typically between 350 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit(180 to 200 degrees Celsius).



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