RPC launches retortable barrier jars for large-volume storage

RPC Containers Corby has launched the Uncan, an enhanced range of retortable barrier jars for catering applications, which, according to the manufacturer, offers a food safe, long-life, lightweight package with significant large-format cost savings.


Based on the design of RPC’s Thermic Ultra jar, the range offers a combination of large volume capacity and wide mouth. Three key sizes spearhead the range: 3kg, 5kg and the Amgall (American Gallon).

The container body features a unique construction of thermic ribs, developed and patented by RPC Corby, which facilitate expansion and contraction during the heating and cooling stages. The company says this ensures that the Uncan can provide the same quality of processing as metal or glass containers during hot fill or pasteurization.

With its wide-mouth neck and robust shape, the Uncan can easily be hot-filled and processed using existing machinery. At the same time, the lightweight construction offers a packaging reduction and a lower cost platform compared to the glass and can alternatives.

The Uncan is closed using a bespoke injection molded PP cap manufactured by RPC Halstead, whose single start thread requires a full turn to open.


Source : www.adsalecprj.com

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