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Boston Matthews introduces new extrusion line for automotive fuel lines

Boston Matthews announces the introduction of a new extrusion line designed specifically for the production of mono and multi-layer fuel lines for the automotive industry.


The new line is capable of producing fuel lines in accordance with the known automotive industry standards including tube structures, tolerances and polymers (including PA, PVDF, PBT, ETFE and EVOH). Benefits include: complete production flexibility, fast set-up and change-over, energy efficient operation, quick and easy maintenance, and product traceability, according to the manufacturer.

An advanced screw design, AC vector and direct-drive technology are also featured in order to ensure precision accuracy and energy efficiency, as well as providing a clean extrusion operation to minimize the need for maintenance.

In addition, the extrusion line is built with precision and easy-to-adjust vacuum calibration and cooling systems for ensuring that the tube is produced to the tolerance specification required and with a high-quality surface finish. AC Flux Vector Caterpillar Haul-Off and Servo-Cutting is provided for continuously producing precision, clean, swarfless cut lengths. If the fuel lines are required to be coiled, then a choice of semi-automatic and fully automatic winding systems are available to meet the requirements.

The company adds that its new helix die head technology can produce mono and multi-layer fuel lines on the same line without any disruption, hence giving the manufacturer a high degree of production flexibility. Material change over or die head cleaning is fast and non-complex and can be undertaken completely in-house and therefore remains under the complete control of the fuel line manufacturer.

Furthermore, the line features an automatic laser diameter control measuring system for ensuring tube specifications as well as providing assistance during line start-up. Complete PLC control through the SMART system is also available.


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