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Americhem Creates New Additive to Shorten Cycle Time

Americhem Inc., a global provider of custom color and additive solutions for polymer-based products, recently developed xCelmax™, a new cycle time reduction additive that shortens production time, increases efficiencies and improves overall end product quality.

“xCelmax™ acts as a cooling agent, increasing the crystallization temperature of a polymer,” said Chris Miller, R&D technology leader for Americhem. “xCelmax™ can be used by manufacturers to significantly reduce costs, while providing more end product in the same amount of time.”

The additive reduces the potential for defects and decreases, and often eliminates end product warping without the typical process changes. Customers also cut machine and labor costs for the same parts because of the consistency, reduced cycle time and optimized manufacturing processes. “Maintaining consistent batch-to-batch conditions can eliminate warping and other defects because xCelmax™ decreases time in color-to-color processes,” said Tim Johnson, account and field service representative for Americhem’s Packaging division. “Beyond avoiding warping, this consistency also helps improve quality and increase end product capacity.”

xCelmax™ is available in multiple pellet and bead sizes and can be easily incorporated into color and additive masterbatches without additional equipment. It is also designed for use with a wide variety of polyolefins across multiple markets.

This Americhem additive can be used for polyolefin masterbatches that produce end products such as: PP bins, HDPE bottles, PP closures, PP thermoformed containers, PP door panels and HDPE pails, among others.

About Americhem

Americhem is a global organization that delivers custom color and additive solutions for clients seeking superior performance and batch-to-batch consistency for their polymer and synthetic fibers products. The company specializes in color and additive masterbatches all backed by complete technical support that ensures quality, reliability and value. Americhem operates six manufacturing plants and also maintains representative sales offices in Mexico City and Luxembourg. Corporate research & development facilities and headquarters are located in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.



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