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Philips Selects Multibase Micro-Talc Material for its New Coffee Machine

SAINT LAURENT DU PONT, France — During summer last year, Philips Consumer Lifestyle B.V. presented its new SENSEO® Quadrante coffee machine. After several trials with basic polypropylene copolymer and mineral-filled polypropylene copolymer,

where both materials do not fulfill the shape’s design and mechanical requirements (stiffness, shrinkage and gloss), and in order to keep machines aesthetics without leaving behind the technical properties (grained part and high-performance material), Philips and PEZY have jointly pointed their search on new material.
Senseo® coffee machine
Philips Consumer Lifestyle’s New Senseo® coffee machine

As referenced supplier at Philips Consumer Lifestyle, Multibase was solicited for proposal with a product that could fulfill parts needs (lid, front and drip tray of the coffee machine).

Besides specific mechanical properties (HDT, flexural modulus, tensile and elongation at yield), Multibatch® micro-talc masterbatch appears to be the best compromise in terms of stiffness, shrinkage and aesthetical requirements. Key technical benefits at processing were the dosing flexibility on the molding machine that helped mastering the differentiated shrinkage behavior on parts. Mastered shrinkage, nice surface finish and easy coloring led to the perfect fit on the coffee machine.

This was made possible by a collaboration between De Monchy International B.V., Philips’ channel partner in The Netherlands, Philips Consumer Lifestyle, and Pezy Product Innovation, specialized in design and engineering of complex plastic parts (the moldmaker based in Portugal and Molder in Poland).

About Philips Consumer Lifestyle

Headquartered in the Netherlands, Philips Consumer Lifestyle’s main focus is on health and well-being. The company serves professional and consumer markets through three overlapping sectors: Healthcare, Lighting and Consumer Lifestyle.

About Pezy Product Innovation BV

Pezy Product Innovation BV is mainly active in the markets of consumer products, business appliances and functional packaging. Its major customers are the Dutch OEMs and progressive SMEs. The company develops finished products and appliances.

About De Monchy International BV

De Monchy International BV is official distributor of raw materials for many chemical producers of thermoplastics and raw materials for personal care, coating and adhesives. The company acts as the link between producer and the processing industry by delivering commercial, technical and logistic service.

About Multibase

Multibase, a Dow Corning Company, has a portfolio of thermoplastics and silicone solutions. It provides compounded solutions that reinforce and modify technical polymers in association with additives, mineral fillers and silicones in order to extend their potential field of applications / markets. The company has four manufacturing sites located in the Americas, Europe & Asia (India and now China) with over 10 years of experience.


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