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KREYENBORG to present infrared drying technology at NPE 2009

KREYENBORG, a German plastics auxiliary machinery supplier, announced recently that two premieres of different kind will be held on occasion of NPE 2009, US’ largest plastics trade fair to be held from June 22 to 26 in Chicago.

On the one hand the infrared drying technology with more than 50 machines being worldwide in operation has been advanced and supplemented with a discontinuously working infrared drum. On the other hand there starts a sales cooperation with the US American auxiliary manufacturer CONAIR, from which new impulses in the marketing of this innovative technology are expected.

A world premiere will be presented at the NPE 2009 – a discontinuously working infrared drum. Unlike the continuous infrared drum (IRD) with the batch drum no conveyance will be affected by means of welded in blades. The drum has only pyramidal and horizontal mixing elements and is charged in batch quantities. With a relatively high speed the material is thermally treated with a defined energy input – thus dried, crystallized or for example also coated, depending on application. After the treatment a change of the rotational direction causes a discharge of the material through the baffle elements.

In April 2009 the US American manufacturer of drying and auxiliary equipment CONAIR and KREYENBORG agreed upon a sales cooperation. In future Conair will directly offer KREYENBORG Infrared drums and will include these systems in its product range. Thus both partners want to increase their presence mainly in the North American market and to build a powerful alliance especially in the field of PET drying. Both the CONAIR distribution and the worldwide agencies of the KREYENBORG Group will be used in parallel, whereby globally a better customer proximity is guaranteed.



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