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Clariant launches new masterbatch choices for more colorful bioplastics

Clariant showcased its new RENOL compostable colors and CESA-compostable additive masterbatches at the K2010, offering manufacturers of products and packaging made from biopolymers a wider range of options in color and performance-enhancing additives.


“Until recently, companies developing products from biopolymers like PLA and Mater-Bi had a difficult decision,’ explains Hendrik Kammler, Global Head of Segment Additives, Clariant Masterbatches. “They could use all-natural masterbatches and accept that the range of colors and additives available was limited, expensive and not very process- or light-stable. Or, they could use conventional pigments and compromise on the environmental friendliness of their product. Now, we can provide them with a very attractive third alternative.”

RENOL-compostable colors and CESA-compostable additive masterbatches incorporate conventional (non-natural) additives and pigments in a biopolymer carrier resin. Testing of the ingredients, completed in the independent laboratories of OWS nv (Gent, Belgium), determined that the materials can comply with EN 13432:200 – the widely recognized standard for heavy-metal content and plant-toxicity.

The RENOL-compostable product line includes masterbatches based on over 80 different pigments, so color choices are almost unlimited. CESA-compostable additive masterbatches include UV-stabilizer and antioxidant packages, with more additives currently pending review.

In addition, Clariant has obtained the highly desirable “OK compost” certification issued by AIB Vinçotte International. The products made at two Clariant facilities in Europe have obtained the Vinçotte approval stamp for the range of new eco-friendly masterbatches they manufacture.


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