RocTool to sell an exclusive License for Aerospace applications

For the first time ever, RocTool is offering a major aerospace leader the possibility to use their Heat & Cool technologies under an exclusive worldwide license. These technologies are already being used in the electronics, automotive and cosmetic industries.

One major Aerospace Group will benefit from RocTool technologies

RocTool will auction an exclusive, worldwide license in the form of a “lump sum” valid for the duration of the patents, it will be granted following a single payment from the buyer with no royalties attached to the use of the patents.

“This is the first time that RocTool has granted a License that does not rely on royalties. Due to the peculiarities relating to aerospace (long time qualification and relatively low volumes), this new license would allow a major aviation company or group to access these highly advanced technologies and therefore obtain a substantial advantage over their competitors” explained Alexandre Guichard, Chairman and CEO of RocTool.

Coveted breakthrough technology

RocTool to sell an exclusive License for Aerospace applications
RocTool to sell an exclusive License for Aerospace applications

The Exclusive License covers various Heat & Cool technologies, including 3iTech® and Cage System® which enable high levels of productivity when working with composites and plastic injection; high temperature heating (eg. Peek, PPD, etc.) cycle time reduction, energy improvement and better temperature control for reinforced mechanical properties.

RocTool technologies will enable the successful aerospace group to increase its production capacity, lower its costs and more importantly, have production flexibility.”We must not forget that an aviation manufacturer has thousands of composite part references and very low volumes of production per tool. The warm-up time is crucial when constantly changing the mold. With RocTool’s technologies, the molds optimum temperature is reached in less than 1 minute, not 2 hours!” said Alexandre Guichard.

RocTool launched a call for proposals with a selection of Aerospace leaders, notably constructers and manufacturers and has appointed an independent firm to organize the “tender” then select the best offer.Read more :

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