Blow molding is a process used for the production of hollow plastic components. The machine which enables blow molding is called a blow mold machine. The sophisticated machine is used for manufacturing industrial containers, building industry products, automotive parts, electronics and appliance components, toys, and many other plastic components.

Blow molding machines have been in use since the past two decades and manufacturers are constantly modifying the design and build of the equipment to make them more efficient, accurate, and energy-efficient.  

Burgeoning demand for plastic components across industries such as automotive, F&B, packaging, pharmaceutical, aerospace, electronics, personal care, and cosmetics is prompting companies in the blow hold machine market to focus excessively on enhancing the speed and precision of the machinery. Manufacturers are leveraging advanced technology and automation to substantially improve the speed and accuracy of the machines.

A recent custom blow molder launched by W. Amsler Equipment Inc. in 2018 uses four ovens to accommodate the production of four products simultaneously. Additionally, the system provides more control over the production process and enables a seamless shift to different designs. Such developments are expected to intensify as demand for varying plastic component designs for both functionality and marketing are expected to increase across different industries.   

Additionally, manufacturers are also focusing on increasing the compactness of the machines in addition to the development of systems which aid in the substantial reduction of mold change time.

Breakthroughs in Bioplastics Production to Uphold Blow Moulding Machine Market Growth

Imposition of stringent governmental regulations in addition to the increasing interest in ethical and environment-friendly products is driving end-user industries to find sustainable alternatives to plastics. Bioplastics, produced from biodegradable raw materials, are increasingly replacing plastics in industries. Development of sophisticated formulations to increase the strength, durability, functionality, and biodegradable material composition in bioplastics is a vital cause creating a surge in the demand for the material. These factors coupled with technological advancements in blow hold machine designs are gradually making bioplastics compatible for use with the existing infrastructure. The trend is expected to bolster blow hold machine market growth with sales of products manufactured using bioplastics estimated to rise in the foreseeable future.

Bolstering Demand for Lightweight Containers to Open Lucrative Opportunities

Burgeoning demand for weight reduction in blow molded plastic containers while maintaining their aesthetic appeal, stability, functionality, and durability is gradually gaining traction in various industrial applications such as detergent, industrial solvents, and bleach packaging. Demand for lightweight plastic containers is also expected to surge, on account of the proliferating logistics industry which requires durable, strong, and flexible materials for packaging.

With the development of efficient designing and testing techniques intensifying blow molding manufacturers are making key adjustments in equipment design to accommodate for the demands of end-use industries which is estimated to fuel blow mold machine market growth. A recent development complementing the surge in the demand for lightweight plastic containers was Amazon’s recent announcement of replacing the traditional cardboard boxes used in packaging with lightweight flexible plastic mailers.

High Operational Costs of Blow Moulding Machines to Stifle Market Growth

Blow molding machines operate on petroleum products and require a significant amount of energy for their operations. Additionally, the operation of blow mold machines contributes significantly to the carbon footprint. High operating costs coupled with adverse impact on the environment is expected to dampen blow molding machine market growth with administrations around the world working towards regulating the use of energy, fuel, and greenhouse gas production.

Furthermore, growing concerns about environmental degradation caused due to plastic production and its use are creating a reduction in the utilization of the material with end-user industries increasingly shifting to using other biodegradable materials. Manufacturers in the blow molding machines market are funneling investments into the development of fully-electric equipment with high efficiency and reliability to overcome the daunting challenge. 

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Other leading players operating in the blow molding market include Parker Plastic Machinery Co. Ltd., Chia Ming Machinery Co., Ltd., Meccanoplastica, Jiangsu Victor Machinery Co. Ltd., British Plastics Federation, Jagmohan Pla-Mach Pvt. Ltd., Elegance industries, Zeel plast Machinery, Suma Plastic Machinery Co. Ltd., Taiwan Machine Sources, and the Meccanoplastica Group.  

Global Blow Moulding Machines Market Segmentation

The global blow moulding machines market can be segmented on the basis of type, application, raw material and region.

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