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Pledge 4 Plastics & Recycle Now Produce Resource Pack

Pledge 4 Plastics and Recycle Now have worked in partnership to produce a new consumer communications resource pack.

The new pack promotes an aligned and consistent set of messages and visuals for plastic recycling communications in the UK.

With the increasingly ambitious plastic recycling targets from both the UK Government and the EU, positive consumer behaviour change is central to tackling these targets and also working towards circular economy models by recycling plastic back into the manufacturing chain.

The aim is to support Local Authorities and businesses by providing the key foundations and relevant resources needed to run a successful consumer communications campaign. The communication materials includes digital resources, posters, pull-up banners, leaflets, and videos.

The materials can be customised by partners, allowing them to add their own plastic recycling collection information.

The Resource Pack replaces the current Pledge 4 Plastics Communications Toolkit, with all downloads available on both the Pledge 4 Plastics and Recycle Now websites.

Stuart Foster, CEO at RECOUP said: “I’m delighted to see a genuine collaboration to produce an aligned and consistent set of resources for Local Authorities and businesses to use.”

Claire Shrewsbury, Packaging Programme Manager at WRAP commented: “It’s great to see that all the resources required to run a successful plastics recycling campaign can now be found in one place; facts, stats and materials are available for free so we encourage local authorities and businesses to download and start using them.”


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